About BWBP



British Warriors boxing promotions (UK) was formed in 2011 and combined the talents of Mark (Mo) Prior and Greg Steene.  They were formally under the name of  Warriors Boxing Promotions (UK) but  the change of name is to distinguish ourselves from the American company of the same name as well as at least two UK white collar and unlicensed boxing companies. We are fully licensed by the British boxing board of control.






Greg Steene came into professional boxing in 1981 after running an international business and after having a successful amateur career boxing for Battersea Boxing club. Greg has managed 4 world championships as well as many European, British and Area champions plus many other boxers.

Over the last 35 years he has promoted over 300 shows  in venues as diverse as The Lyceum ballroom, Hammersmith Palais, Battersea town Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall, Leeds Town Hall, Leeds University, London Olympia, The National Sports Center Wales, The National Sports Center, Crystal Palace and Cobo Hall, Detroit, USA. These many venues represent only a few of the  many venues where Greg has promoted Professional Boxing.


Mo has had a life long interest in boxing both the amateur and professional code and it was while he was a member of the committee at Finchley boxing club that Anthony Joshua trained there and became Olympic Champion.

Having since gone on to win the IBF Heavyweight championship of the world. Mo comes from a sporting family and he  was a semi professional football player himself before entering into  boxing. Mo in addition to his involvement in boxing  is a very successful business man and is highly motivated and not afraid to take risks if it improves his boxers and the entertainment for our fans.




On joining forces with Mo prior in 2011 they combined their talents and have been very prolific in their staging of shows running many shows at  venues  such as York Hall , London . Camden Center, London, Newport Leisure Center, Sofia Gardens, Cardiff, Rhonda Fach Center in the Rhonda Valley, Wales, and the Millennium Hotel and the London Hilton Hotels in Mayfair London. If you look further into our site you will see many past posters of our shows.

Mo is a fully licensed promoter and manager and Greg is a fully licensed promoter, manager, second and Matchmaker. He also was the UK representative of the WBF for  5 years. Between them they currently manage 26 fighters and are always scouting for new talent and are offering contracts to all free existing professional boxers and also those aspiring to turn professional.

British Warriors Boxing Promotions have delivered good television exposure for their boxers and have recently had contracts with Eurosport, Box Nation and London Live. On a promotion on the 4th June 2016 they also had news crews from ITV , BBC and Sky. British Warriors are very enthusiastic and motivated and boxers trainers include former two times heavyweight champion of the World Tim Witherspoon and former British and Commonwealth and European Champion Herrol Graham. 



British Warriors already have some sponsors on board but they are always looking for new sponsors and can offer lucrative and rewarding contracts to any would be sponsors. Please refer to our sponsors page if you are interested in being an official Sponsor.